New client's get 1st month of online services free.

TGC Mobile App

Your Custom Program In Your Hands

TGC Training App provides the client with a different level of access, along with a much more robust suite of features. Totally mobile, it has the added features of: custom designed training program for each individual, a battery of assessments, scheduled workouts set to the days & times you select and optional real time video chat support. 

The optional video chat support runs from a weekly 15 min check-in to full on 1 hour live streaming training session. *

Fully Customized Training Programs

The are no boiler plate programs here. Every program is the result of the sign up & intake process. Details matter. The smallest adjustments often result in the biggest gains. 

We Did Say Fully Custom Right?

There are untold number of both free & royalty exercise demo videos in the world. Many online fitness providers buy premade full multi week cross training, interval training program videos to boot. Not here. Every single video we use was produced, filmed and edited in house, by us. Why? Because details matter. If everything else out there worked then you wouldn't be here. 

Our approach to exercise is different. Our goals are different. How could our videos be just the same old? They can't. Every exercise was designed with a specific purpose. A therapeutic response to physical activity. It's not just the right program design and combination of exercises. It's also the right combination of movements

Unique Coaching & Compliance Documents

In App Custom Coaching Documents

There's much more to success than just knowing what to do. Sometimes making and executing the plan can be the weakest link. The added benefit of tailored coaching documents, prescheduled workouts and optional live streaming are things you'd expect with a private trainer in their facility. All of this in your pocket. 

But Wait! There's More!

 Ok. Seriously though there is. You get all of this. 

• A thorough assessment & live intake

• Fully customized program

• Personalized approach to coaching & compliance

• Totally portable. The Game Changer App

These are all the things you "get", but it's not what we're selling. What you're buying is us. See the thing is, and why we have all this custom material, there's no set solution for everyone. We are absolutely about finding solutions. If your here it's because you haven't found yours. Yet. In fact, just so you know, we started out making our own demos because the standard exercices weren't getting it done for our clients. We started modifying how they were done and in fact creating new ones on the fly, in session. 

So know that what you are actually buying is us and our process. The process of problem solving. 

Plus you get the first month free. Yes,  a one month free trial. 

Intrigued, and Want To Learn More?

$97 may not sound like much, but there is still the matter of time and commitment. Maybe you're full of questions, or you would just like to chat with us and get a feel for how we operate. We totally get it. Set up a complementary consult. We require a scheduled time so that we are sure to be free and not distracted. Again focusing on the task at hand is how you find the best solution

Pricing & Options

The Coaching Packages include our assessment and intake process. The Kick-Start programs do not and require a signed par-q from your physician only.